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War lyrics

Rating: 3.42
Song Details
Artist(s)Beenie Man
Album(s)Best Of Beenie Man

A pure idiot ting a gwaan
As far as mi see a war, physically, but ketch mi lyrically nuh
Mi a di gal dem trolly

A war wah wah wah war, wah wah wah war, what dem really fighting for
War wah wah wah war, wah wah wah war, everyman a tun gun dor
War wah wah wah war, wah wah wah war, but mi an mi gal dem a par
War wah wah wah war, war wah wah wah war, everybody tun (Hold)

Verse 1:
If a D.J. a di year dem haffi wuk fi dat
Yuh nuh see a mi an mi gal dem fight in all di combat
When mi a work fi mi gal dem haffi get flat
Pop off mi pistol like a gun mi a fire shot
When mi a bowl yuh nuh see a pure gal a bat
Gal dem a rush mi seh mi bad like a gala wasp
After nuh man dis yah D.J. nah nuh bus nuh shot
Takes two to quarrel after dat a hottaclasp (Cause)
Dem never realize seh Tupac dead a bleed
Biggy never care nor him never take heed
Dem kill him an left him baby mother she a breed
An bring it come a yard, but a dat mi haffi leave


Verse 2:
Well, if a so mi an mi gal in a pure fist fight
Special ocossion a must late a night
Bus weh di bikini like a big bagey kite
Knock out di brazierre get it out a mi sight
A pure murderation right through di night
Yuh tink mi an Tony a go fight, yuh mad
Mi nah nuh time fi go waste out mi might
Fi go fight 25 man like mi a look stripe
Gimmi a gal mek mi wuk until she start bite
A mi dem call call Mr. Nice, (Cause)
Karen, Suzette and Dawn, a dem de gal mi want in a mi palm


Verse 3:
Mi nah go have mi gun an go rob nuh sneaker
Through mi fancy mi life till mi run in a gleaner
One big stone mi use an lick dung maria
An den mi drawfi Helena, di Sister
When mi a go through girls town mi flex like a twister
Who nuh in a pain get bruise up and blister
I nuh Looney Tune so nuh call mi Sylvester
I am di gal dem brididista, watch yah
Mi al dem love sponge, mi a dem faucet
Not a liability, mi a di girl dem asset
Di gal dem have mi man fi listen pon cassette, gees, gees

Chorus 2x

Repeat Verse 1

Repeat Chorus

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