No More Rain (Remix) lyrics

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Artist(s)Angie Stone
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Alright come on

1 - [Angie]
My sunshine has come
And I'm all cried out
And there's no more rain in this cloud

My sunshine has come
And I'm all cried out
And there's no more rain in this cloud

There's no hiding place
When someone has hurt you
It's written on your face, and it reads
"Broken spirit, lost and confused"
"Empty, scared, used and abused, a fool"
Oh, ain't it funny that the way you feel
Shows on your face
(It's written all over your face, yeah)
And the smile you used to wear
Seems a little bit out of place
(Tracks of your tears)
Just hold on
Cause in time it gets a little better, whoa

Repeat 1

So you want to live and to you I shall give
All the space that you requested
Hope you don't live to regret it
So you say you're in your prime
Baby don't waste your time
(Don't waste my time)
Remember my love, it's only a thin line

Repeat 1

Yo you don't deserve no more pain, no more rain
No more strain, no more strife
Love you till there's no more life
Without you then there's no more wife
No more cars, no more cribs, no more ice
The one day you told me you needed sunshine
All you had to do is tell me one time
Now I made my plans, made preparations
The prolong I love with no separations
We see eye to eye me and you riding high
And your X-man tried to intervene, he gotta die
A lot of lies been told
A lot of guys done fold
Trying to buy your soul by buying you gold
Now I ain't that old
But I suppose a rose is a rose
Why pick when I already chose, I already know
Exactly where I wanna be
The girl of my dreams is right here in front of me

Oh baby I can love you
There will be no more teardrops falling
Oh, oh, ooh
(Eric do you feel me now)
Ooh baby, I can love you
(Break it, break it down a little something now)
There will be no more teardrops falling
(Break it down now)
Cause my sunshine

Repeat 1

2 - [Angie]
What goes around comes around
What goes up must come down
The things you do come back to you

Repeat 1 2 till end

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