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I 2 I lyrics

Rating: 4.10
Song Details
Artist(s)Tevin Campbell
Album(s)A Goofy Movie Soundtrack

Yeah, Yeah!
Hell, Yeah!
I've got myself a notion,
It's one I know that you'll understand.
To set the world in motion,
By reaching out for each other's hands.
Maybe we'll discover,
What we should have known all along!
One way or another,
Together's where we both belong!
If we listen to each other's heart,
We'll find we'll never cheat and fall apart,
And maybe love is the reason why,
For the first time ever we're seeing it, I 2 I!
If a wall should come between us,
Too high to climb, too hard to break through.
I know that love will lead us,
And find a way to bring me to you.
So don't be in a hurry,
Think before you count us out, ho!
You don't have to worry,
I won't ever let you down!
(Nothing's gonna stop us now!)
(Seeing it I 2 I!)
(Seeing it I 2 I!)
If you're ever lonely, STOP!
You don't miss a beat!
After all is stolen,
I'll be away from you to me!
(Take a look inside and see!)
(Seeing it, I 2 I!)
(Seeing it, I 2 I, baby!)
(For the first time!)
(For the first time!)
(I 2 I)
(Seeing it, baby!)
(Seeing it, I 2 I!)
(I 2 I!)

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