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Album(s)The Chick Singer

I've got no-one left to turn to
no-one except for me
I always seem to pick the wrong ones
and they always seem to come to me
except for one guy
but he made it clear he's got nothing to do here

And I don't know why it bothers me
it bothers me to know he's never mine
to see him holding hands with other girls
and mentioning them all the time
but I have a heart I know I have one, 'cause I'm lonesome

You know I'm badly hurt,
but still you hurt me, hurt me, hurt me
no and I don't need that
and you know I'm badly hurt,
but still you hurt me,hurt me,hurt me
no and I don't need that

And you seem to think you're all that
you're all of what a guy's supposed to be
but then I'm sure for you it's easy to
be a guy and at the same time nice to me
but you don't like to give in a little for getting

I wonder where we go from here
I know I would not want it to pass by
and it annoys me that I write you this
but I don't know, do you know why
so goodbye I hope that I'll be hearing from you

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