Dejection lyrics

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Album(s)The Chick Singer

I wish I had the inspiration
to write a song about my life
to sing the things I like to tell you
to write them down and shout them out

but I don't know why I'd tell you
all the things I keep inside
it just weakens my emotions
and it takes away my pride

In my pocket there's no money
just like the feelings I don't have
I miss the love I don't want near me
instead of that I'll just pretend

but I do care for my surroundings
don't get me wrong I'm not like that
(it's)just(that)in my heart I feel so empty
that I don't know where I'm at

Do you get my point of view
do you see what I'm telling
is it new or did you know all along
and do you think that it's not worth it
or are you sure that it is real
it don't matter,'cause I don't know myself

I try so hard to get to know me
but I just can't figure out
Why on earth nobody shows me
a place to go when I get dowand don't you see that I'm hurting
that I have a troubled mind
if you don't listen then I hate you
and I hate you when you're kind

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