Waive lyrics

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Album(s)The Chick Singer

Bugs are falling off the ceiling
so relaxing to watch and feel them
it's your eyes against mine
and your face won't touch mine

I ran out once more to get you to want me
but it didn't work out that way exactly
it's your right to know
you oughtta know

Why won't you waive...

I'm sweating out my last confession
no need to be my own assassin
I rise up above now
and the lights won't turn off now

All eyes are set and watching me
to write me off
to set me free
I don't care what else you think or say
'cause it's my way,my way,my way,my way

Why won't you waive

This drunken tune is all I'm leaving
the rest is what I'm taking with me
just so you know
just so I know

Why won't you waive

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