Funk Wit Da Style lyrics

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Artist(s)Craig Mack
Album(s)Funk Da World

[Craig Mack]
Aww shit, here come the man again
You know if you can't with the style that's goin on right now
then you need to be sittin down

If MC's can't get with the style that's goin on
then you need to sit down

Do your thing Mack, do it to 'em nigga! Ahh whassup
What you don't know, what you don't know, kick 'em in the grill

But anyway, I'd like to take this.. anyway, I'd
Anyway, I'd like to this time out to bother you

Oh no no no no
No I don't think you can get liver than me G
So sit back, relax, Mack's about to attack
And turn your flav into Similac cause it's like that
I kick funk out the frame, make it insane
With all local stops set to crumble like a () train
My thickest format, my format's thicker all that
No comp for combat with bwoy like Supercat
Show you where my head's at I crack you with a bat
Where the funk Hear the trunk a bit and fat knit()
Rearrange the skit make it fit so you can't sit
Now ain't that some shh.. I rip it
I snap a jaw, I stabba jab a dinosaur
Live from Creedmore under the floor
It's like the roughest of ruffnecks, wicked and ()
Check the () MC and his project
All you brothers need to know doe
There's no more best MC cause that is now me
See, G, I am king MC
Once said from me can't another brother disagree
Got the funk bleedin all out your trunk
And there's all there is to it (that's all there is)

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
If you can't funk with the style that's goin on
then you need to be sittin down

[Craig Mack]
You must got no brains in ya head
I kill ya dead on the spot with the hits I got
Trust my flavor G, I make ya wanna pee-pee
I got what you can't see, somethin like a leprosy

I slow it dowwwwn, somethin like.. this
When it's time for me to stun 'em
MC's I warned them..
I'll put 'em on the moon without funk to listen to
Then again, my vibration
may give the sensation they're on vacation
Y'all brothers need a ()
Real rugged alligator MC hater from the fader
You little tic-tac, tryin to act like a lumberjack
Sit back and watch how the earth crack
You funk around, you lay around, that's how it goes
And I suppose MC's still wanna try me
King of the mountain is a hard rock
Do you understand, smile and I'll take you out like the mob
Check it black, after the Mack there's no recoup
Not even soup, get out shake the hula hoop
Comin out the ground..
Gettin down..


[Craig Mack]
Sometimes alone I be writin
Must be frightenin, to hear I'm on the air
but I don't care, () 'til I'll see you sick()
Son, grandson, no tellin when I'm done (no tellin baby)
I'm about do you and you on some new
Who has a date and thank you for waitin
There my bad, I thought you took a beatin in the brain
then you learned from rap that rap's a mistake
You won't get a break
Big as a cake for me to make, and you bake
So, banzaii, here comes the flyest guy
that you ever heard in your lifetime (yup yup yup)
I do a behind..
and rewind, I wanna kick some more shit
Down your faucet, I pours it
Mighta lost it, but then I retrieve it
Believe it, I got this fat okey-dokey style for a while
Peace from the king
Peace from the king G, here it go
One time for your motherfunkin mind


Sittin down, bwoy

Anyway I'd like to take this time out..
No more music by the suckers

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