Breaking The Law Of Love lyrics

Rating: 3.06
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Artist(s)Bruce Carroll
Album(s)For The Record

Lord I'm Laying down this life of Contradiction,
All the sunday resolutions & the monday rational
Cause my Righteousness is filthy rags & Fiction,
When I'm talking love & Charity & Living something else,
The idle talk I spread is really gossip, and this thing I call
is just judgement in disguise,and I keep myself so busy being busy,
that I'm looking past the wounded people right B4 my eyes ,I've been..
Breaking the Law of Love, Seeking the way of the one Above,
Jesus come & make me whole, heal my heart
& keep my soul from breaking the Law of Love
Lord Even tho I know that I'm not worthy,
I believe U came to heal us & to make our hearts Your home,
To pour Your Spirit out in broken vessels,
and love thru us in ways that we could not love on our own
Keep us from... (Chorus)
The More I let U fill me w/ Your mercy,The more I'll love my neighbor
and the less I'll find myself..(Chorus)

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