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People Miss Planes lyrics

Rating: 4.65
Song Details
Artist(s)Deana Carter
Album(s)Everything's Gonna Be Alright

A tear ran down his face
As she started to leave
He said, Baby, don't do this
I'm beggin' you please
What can I say to stop you
>From walkin' out on us
I'll do anything to save our love
She said I'm through with talkin'
You know I've tried my best
I gotta leave right now
I've got a plane to catch
And he said&
People miss planes
It happens all the time
They cancel their plans
They change their minds
Listen to your heart
Before you go too far
Baby turn around
Before it's too late
People miss planes
She made it to the airport
In the nick of time
In a moment she'd be gone
Yeah, she'd board that flight
She'd fly away from trouble
>From the struggles that they had
And from everything that they had shared
A tear fell on her ticket
As she thought about their love
In just another minute
She'd give it all up
Then she heard a voice calling
Boarding flight 41
When another voice inside her head said
You don't have to get on
(Repeat CHORUS)
People miss planes
People miss planes

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