Sacrosanct lyrics

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Father me a bastard child
Make him uptight, turn him wild
A demon seed, fusion unleashed
Belly burning with a starving fire
Untouched by the seering flame
Belly churning with unholy terror
Inbreeding to blame
Kissing cousins, a hellish affair
Kissing cousins, never aware
Daddy's touch, detest, incest
Bet to love, thy family, thy wrong impression
Oh, what a nasty obsession!
Nine months, twelve days, and fourteen hours
The nurses and doctors and chaplin all cower
With fear, with fright, and all deny
A devil baby born with red eyes
No cord, no breath, nothing but death
A dead baby at the feat of a curse
Who lies in a pile of blood
Killed by the nurse
Bastard, witch, sorcoress, bitch
Die for me, a filthy whore
Breeding lust, wretching on the floor
A harum of death
A collection, my collection
My desire to contril
My obsession to own your soul
Strip you of you
A naked shell
It's just as well
I killed you four days ago

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