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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Soundtrack
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Opiate lyrics

Rating: 3.87
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Ran the red light
Cross the tracks
Into trouble and never coming back
Pay my nickle and dime
For a one way fare
Never coming back. I don't care, I don't care, I swear!
Dream a sacred dream
A nightmare sweat and scream
A futile desire, smack reality
Join the unsound for awhile
And dine on the pain of the grievers
Ans knock contempt from non-believers
And swear on the god you never believed
Ans send them to an early grave decieved
Because you never understood their course
So with your piece you'll show no remorse
And no repent for the innocent and spry
Took a wrong turn at Alburquerque, now die!
Ducks, and bugs, and sticks, and pricks
And Mighty Mouse is in my house
As a dog named Frenchy licks my tongue
And your TB tears out my lungs
The paranoid void I try to eschew
As my vomit becomes my stew
Convulsions on the floor at America's Store
It's where we all shop
And where my life seemed to stop
I've got virtual reality
With a kaleidoscope of trepidation
My body is freezing cold
Like an Alaskan vacation
The boogeyman of dread
He lives inside my head
He constantly tells me what to do
He says I should murder and maim you
As my love
As my life
As my fear
As my pain
As my friends
All run through my veins
Look at me
I reflect a failure
I'm to success what Kansas is to a sailor
I steal your money to make my illusion
It's all part of the grand scheme of my collusion

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