Skin And Bone lyrics

Rating: 3.19
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Artist(s)Big Umbrella

There was a time when Georgie Boy had everything
I mean everything
But she took away his King Kong
Took away his magic.
Left him nothing to pray to, nothing to pray for.
Now, Georgie don't feel much like anything,
But drinking some more.
He's a man without religion.
He's a man without direction.
Georgie Boy is suffering
From a curious infection.
He found out the hard way.
He's only skin & bone.
Only skin & bone.
If a tear comes to your eye,
I'll cry with you.
And if there's something you want me to try,
I'll try for you.
I'm a man without religion.
I'm a man without direction.
I'm the one who's suffering
From a curious infection.
You showed me the hard way.
I'm only skin & bone.
Only skin & bone
I'll never stop the rain.
Only skin & bone
I'm gonna feel some pain.
Only skin & bone
Time and time again.
I'm only skin & bone.
I got no miracles,
And I got no thorny crown.
Cut all your crucifixes down.

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