Sell It Back (Caroline) lyrics

Rating: 2.90
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Artist(s)Big Umbrella

Oh Caroline, don't put this distance between us
Sell back your ticket out of town
(And) oh Caroline, don't do irreperable damage
I'll find the rent, we will manage
Sell it back Caroline
Oh Caroline, look what I've done for you
More than you asked me to
And what a price to pay
Time after time, I let you run me through
I sold my soul to you
Sell it back Caroline
Anything that I can do
You know I've always tried
To keep you
Anything at all
I won't let you go without a fight
And every word is true
Anything you say, I believe it
Even when you lie, I believe it
Sell it back Caroline
What will it take to get this back now Caroline?
I want it all back
If you're gonna leave
I want it all back

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