Advice lyrics

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Artist(s)Big Umbrella

When the wrecking ball swings wild
And knocks you down a peg
Reality is as hard as a rock.
In a desperate moment
Make sure you don't get fooled.
Spare yourself the worry and shock.
I know it now.
Having been knocked over
Once or twice.
You can't follow everyone's
You can't follow everyone's advice.
You can't follow everyone's advice.
No, no, sooner or later
It's got to come out of you.
You can't follow everyone's advice.
It's a pride and passion thing
That has the truthful ring.
Don't cut yourself on someone else's tongue.
'Cause they can paint a flowery view
But in the end it's up to you.
The sweetest blossom somtimes leaves you stung.

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