We On That Shit lyrics

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Album(s)Ruff Ryder's First Lady
Let There Be Eve: Ruff Ryders' First Lady

(feat. P. Killer Tracks)

Aiiyight now get your guns
Ain't no stopping me
Need the whole cash bundled up for me and my bitches shopping spree
The robbery, damn ya smart, and you guessed right in me
Asking all those questions gonna was to set you up right
Wet 'em all, pretend I'm Jada, lata set it off
Cartier, Rolley, time frozen get 'em all
Dingling medallions, all that glisten is mine
And all that bitchin' that you doing
I got'cha kissin' this nine
Y'all niggas, worst than bitches, tears in your eyes
I ain't got no sympathy so if you scared, nigga cry
On your knees, face in chest, lips shut
Fuck the mask, we're robbing you in lipstick and wigs, what
Yeah we brawl, but you took me out and let me see it all
Braggin' 'bout the shit you got and now I get it all
Matter of fact, take your clothes off, I like it when they're bare
Everything from iceberg to silk Dolce underwear, come on

[1] - [P. Killer Tracks]
Hey yo check that nigga cause we on that shit
Get out your ride fool cause we on that shit
Hid your stash box cause we on that shit
Run that ice cause we on that shit
Keep a loaded clip cause we on that shit
Ryde or die nigga cause we on that shit
We out to get it all cause we on that shit
And Eve don't play cause she takes no shit

Uh, yo, yo, yo
I shoot backing out, P max them out
And the only way I don't get shit is if you stash the house
Professional bitches, destined for riches and precious jewels
Distracted by the size of my ass, had you fooled
I ain't getting' nada, forget that
Just sit back and watch me take everything even you're drough sack
Yeah my bitch can roll with,
Expensive paintings on your wall, gimme that
Ain't no slacking, time ain't a factor
I'mma get it all
Used to ball with your niggas
Now I'm making you crawl across the floor
Ego crushed and I don't give a fuck
Small change to the range, heard what I said
Give it up
I know it ain't right, but me and my bitches gotta eat tonight
And every night from now on, get it right
Why, why ask why
I'm simply living and I get what I want
By simply taking or you're simply giving

[Repeat 1]

Y'all niggas faggottish
Cops spot me got me running out my kiss
Unlatch the ice pieces on my neck and wrist
Screeching in the streets from the five series to a ditch
I'm fast, he'd have to waste it and I ain't scared to blast
Ducking, jumping over shit, bet this bitch could last
Ready for war, act like I ain't done this shit before
Practice on me next week, I'll be wanting more
Best believe you ain't gonna live to see tomorrow
My dogs already warned your mother
She'll be full of sorrow
Busting through the door, somebody's house, kids screaming
I ain't gonna front somehow I wish that I was sleeping, dreaming
Too late it's done now, all you hear is gun sounds
Cock back, pop, pop, pop, and I'm like what now
Ghetto bird on me, weaving through the trees
Last fence I hopped over, fell and landed on my knees
Barrels at my temple, hey yo fuck it I'ma make it simple

[Repeat 1]

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