Just Another Girl lyrics

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Album(s)All Eyez on Me

[Verse 1:]
You think your slick in every way changing up on your calls on your phone everyday Is there
something that you're trying to hide from me I never gave you reason to Run and take your calls
in the other room. Am I the only one or is somebody else kissing at you Is this my imagination
Things ain't always what they seem. Cause I don't want to be.

[1] - Just another name in your little black book Just another face in the crowd and it's got me
shook. I've got to mean a little more to you Than a space in your list of things to do. Another
g-shock gun in your Benz. Another dumb bitch that you can show all your friends. You can call me
crazy, say I'm insecure. But I don't wanna be just another girl.

[Verse 2:]
ooooh ohhhh ohhh mmm hhmmm Strange how you claim to tell all the truth. When the passenger seat
in your car has been moved And you swore that there was no one else but you. And so now you can't
explain why'd you called me by somebody else's name. You say it's history, player, thing's are
through or so you say. Is this my imagination Things ain't always what they seem cause I don't
want to be

[Repeat 1]

Tell me, how you lie and reason my suspicious mind. I've gotta know the truth if I'm just
another girl you treated wrong. not the one you string along Is it you and me, is it two or
three Cause I don't want to be

[Repeat 1 (until fade)]

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