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Promethazine Leaning lyrics

Rating: 6.28
Song Details
Artist(s)Lil Uzi Vert
Album(s)  -

Produced by DJ Carnage, 808, BCKWHN, Learic Spellman & Sonny Digital

Shorty Spot My Dick, Looking Just Like She My Hammer
Told That Bitch Keep The Hammer On The Dick
Told That Bitch I Am The Man
Hit A Nigga With The Forty Get Fanned
Tell A Nigga He Get Blammed
Why This Nigga Looking At Me Like He Is A Fan
Shorty, Get The Fuck Outta Here
Cause Your Bitch Be Geeked Up, Fam
Told That Bitch Suck On My Team
Told That Bitch I Get The Green
Drinking The Lean
Codeine, Codeine, Codeine, With A Little Promethazine
I Got The Clip On That Bitch And The Stick Hang Out That Bitch Like That Bitch Is A Limousine
Told That Bitch I'm Living Can't Be Beat
In Los Veg, In The Crib Eatin, Lean A Cuisine
Got Your Hoe All Up On me, I Rock All The Tommy
You Ain't Got No Job, I Call That Nigga Tommy
Hit A Nigga With The, Hit A Nigga With Tommy
Put A Drum On The Bitch, Dick Always In Her Stomach
Dick In Her Throat Til That Bitch Wanna Vomit
Told A Nigga I'm High In The Sky Like a Comet
I'm Gettin' Money I'm Countin' Comma Comma
I Might Fuck Yo' Momma, Hit Yo Ass Just Right With The Llama
I Don't Care About No Shit, Hit A Bitch, Feel Like MC Hammer
I'm Up On The Shit, Never Going Broke
Counting Ten Fifteen Hunnit , Too Legit To Fuckin Quit
I Been Giving Bitches Dick Going In Til That Bitch Suck My Balls
If She Got A Cold, Then I Feed That Bitch Some How
I Might Move My Bricks Where The Motherfuckin' U-Haul
I Just Talked To All My Niggas
I Got A Plug From Colorado
I Mean Colorado
Told A Bitch I Go Hard, Play The Guitar
White Bitch She Live In Utah
I Got All The Clout, I Got All The Bitches
Yo Wife Be My Hoe, Lil Uzi Gonna Glow
My Ice Bright Like The Snow
Told That Bitch Just To Go, Told That Bitch I'm On Go

Hit A Nigga With The Forty, AK-47
Darko, darko, .223 in it
Hit A Nigga Up Pop His Body In
Tried To Move Move Knocked His Ass Off His Pivot
Told My Bitches To Jump On My Dick
Just Like A Frog So She Have To Ribbet Ribbet
I Might Even Hit That Nigga With Chirp
Told That Nigga Just Give Me What Its Worth
Told That Bitch Suck My Dick And Make It Work
I Got The Money Nigga Smokin Purp, Sippin The Lean
Told Your Bitch I'm Gettin Money
I Fuck With Blue Benjis No Green
That Be All Hundreds, I Just Go Crazy
I Told Your Bitch She Will Not Be My Lady
Ew You Make That Bitch Have Your Baby That Bitch Ate My Baby

What I Say? I Got All The Clothes
I Got Everything
Counting Blue Benji's, Me Don't Fuck With Green
I Usually Keep It Green, Bullets In Yo Team
Chico World, Nigga

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