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Paranoid lyrics

Rating: 6.02
Song Details
Artist(s)Darick DDS Spears
Album(s)And I Don't Need No Hooks

Written by Darick Spears

Verse 1

Swing down on,
Axe to my neck
I relax while upset.
Heard the rumors of fury,
The theories,
Words from the weary.
Tried to get me charged without a charge,
My heart hurt,
And it's enlarged.
Begged God to aid me,
He forgave me and raised me.
Couldn't believe it,
They tried to frame me,
They tried to put the picture on me.
Suicide I was considering,
Feeling lonely,
I'm Paranoid.

Verse 2

Every car rubber burned,
Sounds of the car alarms.
Face stern,
Hearts skipping beats.
Niggas telling stories on me incomplete.
Sometimes I feel defeat,
But Christ intercedes.
Catch me while I'm paranoid,
Can't understand betrayal,
Until it happens to you.
Close friends do what the enemies happen to do,
Actually happen not to do.
Take that phrase,
Pass it on
I'm Paranoid.

Verse 3

Confinement of the mind,
Chains on trains of thought.
The pain that it causes,
Drinks and cocaine involved.
Calm down,
With me it's no drugs just prayers like Paul,
Until the rain dissolved,
And my arraignment is called,

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