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America lyrics

Rating: 4.26
Song Details
Artist(s)Brian Mackey
Album(s)  -

We've been on the road it's been so long now
We're so far out that it's too late to turn around
We open the window and the towns fly by so fast
The last gas station we stopped at is somewhere in the past
We're in America

We started in the east when the sun did show its face
We've been on miles and sometimes in a haze
We're driving into the golden sun to our west
We won't get to where we need to till Thursday, Friday best
We're in America

Look out the window and all we see are fields of corn
The tears from the wind is in our eyes and we're happy we were born
In America

Look over to you where we stop to sleep in Illinois
The cold wind froze our windows shut in Detroit
There's no other place I'd rather be alone inI'll take this place to be all I've ever known

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