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Written, produced, performed, mixed and mastered by Arkhenatan

Intro 1: We're Prisoners Of War here, 'cause if you don't pay your taxes,
They take your possessions,
That's just law here, & it's there to keep us poor, it‘s raw here.
Yo! This is how it goes love your friends love your foes,
Anybody stepping on your toes must fall, that's how it goes that's the rule,
If your enemies try to merk you, they either do or they force you to be stronger,
love your foes they can help you live for longer,
If you're one step ahead 'cause they keep you on your toes.

Verse 1: (16 Bars)
It's effed up! like I'm behind enemy lines,
always stressed up, & pain distorts my mind,
in these messed up times, it takes all kinds,
Plus I'm lacking occupation, but not short of stress,
accepting less due to globalisation,
Had to resort to crimes for the manifestation,
Of material things from my imagination,
That only cash brings in this slave nation,
Dreams of emancipation, cooperation, equality,
And better living, but the standards lower,
while the price is risen, can these devil dictators
Ever be forgiven, the way they've driven our oppression,
Can we be forgiven for our ease of acceptance,
How we turn the other cheek for the sake of repentance,
It's our passivity and lack of resistance,
That's keeping mankind behind these enemy lines.

There's too many casualties too many getting killed,
Too many souls are taken in this battlefield,
It's time to regroup, rebuild, unite,
Stand down gain strength, and back the winning fight.

Verse 2 (16 bars)
So who's to blame? No one but us,
for not breaking the chain, time to change habits,
put health before wealth, or stay moving backwards,
lacking knowledge of self and of our enemy,
We need to see the light, learn to fight and choose life,
Study war strategy, the best attacks ain't seen,
Unlike a gun or knife, 'cause to subdue your foe,
Ain't easy if they know, to rule overtly,
Is harder than covertly, so a change is needed,
Don't stoop low or take the blows, hear the words to be heeded,
Our wounds are being bleed-ed, weaknesses exploited,
Every time this cycle of education's repeated,
'cause from day dot, like it or not, we've all been cheated,
Let's make discussions heated, make politicians pay,
Face the repercussions, 'cause they're conceited,
The reason we're behind these enemy lines today.

Verse 3: (16 Bars)
So what do you expect? Understand our enemy?
We don't understand politics, legal policy,
And so called democracy, let alone ourselves,
It's like we all think, life is what we see in ink,
On TV or gangster flicks, far from reality,
Do we even know how our own body or mind ticks?
Doing things for the hell of it, just for a quick fix,
While they playing mind tricks, we doing ish, just for kicks,
Partake just for the sake of it, no reason
Out of boredom or, pure desperation, with,
No ambition and, no life's mission,
We just come and we go, with no destination,
Just look at our children, that's the future generation,
We need to start to build 'em, but we don't know 'em,
Had secrets to tell, but not trust so they conceal 'em,
In their suppressed minds behind these enemy lines.

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