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Fire & Brew lyrics

Rating: 4.43
Song Details
Artist(s)Kai Exos
Album(s)  -

[Verse 1]

How's your day goin?
Well, I been goin in and out early
Are you still mine?
Found me a new someone who
does things you wouldn't do
Night #1 of seeing you...
You must've knew then
Found me a new someone who
does things you wouldn't do

Fire + Brew
The good kind of headline news
These are just words; you are my truth
Say the words, lioness, you

Oh, oh, oh, oh... (rpt)

[Verse 2]

Miss you much
Mostly the you-know-what
of yes when you press in
Move through the room
See the rise and the fall
Rest your head on my heart
Mister K. A. I., no artificial, eh
Intelligent girl
Shawty won't you swing my way
One for me, two for you
Black 36, Ivory 52

Play me a song
We're leaving soon
Minutes to sky
Grey to blue

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