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Hold On (feat. Hatsune Miku) lyrics

Rating: 5.51
Song Details
Album(s)The Nerado Black Sessions

© 1994 Vagenda. All rights reserved.From the album “The Nerado Black Sessions” released January 30, 2016(Composed at age 17)(Recorded on October 15, 2015)

In your ocean
Peace I find
Soaked in reverence
Peace of mind

Safe at harbour
Total trust
Once in a lifetime
Erodes to dust

I hold on
I hold on
I hold on
To you
To you

In your calm
Sailing down
Sharpened waves
I panic and drown

Tamed descent
Loss of air
Beam of light
Salvation's there

Hold on
Tight my friend
Not a beginning,
Not an end

Destined blindly
Burns a new sun
Diamond soul
All is one

I hold on
I hold on
I hold on
To you
To you

In your eyes
Deep I see
No horizon
Warm and free

Burning candle
Dancing flame
The illusion of infinity
Then never again

Turn back!
The shore is near
Try to warn me
But I can't hear

Confused and blind
Anchored soul
With you in mind

I hold on
I hold on
I hold on
To you
To you

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