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D.T.K. lyrics

Rating: 4.66
Song Details
Artist(s)Dom Marcell
Album(s)  -

Everytime that I see you put that thang on me
And everytime you dutty wine, I come back up behind
Be going left and right, back and forth
Move it over my way, hope it happens everyday
When you drop that Kitty for me, just drop that kitty baby
Verse I
When the beat drops and melody rolls
The music flows through your soul
The rhythm got you feeling good
Can’t even speak if I could
Makes you lose control, common let’s roll
Verse II
And when I see you work it, and swerve it and twerk it
Keep it going like that, just serve it, don’t hurt em
The time I swear be moving fast
Everytime you shake that ass
No need to even mention, you’re the center of attention
Keep doing what you doin. Keep doin doin doin what you doin (oh yes)
Don’t stop it keep it movin’, Don’t stop it stop it stop it keep it movin (oh yes)
When I look at you, you look at me, the chemistry
Stronger than ‘dro and oxygen, let the games begin
Chorus (Repeat 2x)
(Just drop that, just drop that….just drop that kitty baby)
Keep doin what you doin, what you doin ,for me
I like it, and I like and I like what I see
When you drop it, when you drop it, when you drop it for me
Just drop that kitty baby (For me)

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