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Games They Play lyrics

Rating: 4.46
Song Details
Artist(s)Musiq Man
Album(s)  -

If I could take the pain away
I'll make it so
I'm hearing voices telling me in my head
I should cross the road
So I can get a chance to hold your hands
Once again
It feels so heavy on my heart
Can't help but pray
That my train of thoughts
Will never be swayed
So I could be the man
You've made me realise
I could become

If I've ever lost
It will be the day
Your soul was torn from me x2

I always wonder what your soul
Will grow to be
Will you be heading states
Or laying a castle bridge
But time has repulse me from all your grace
Now I'm left with thoughts of loosing you
With no hopes of me hearing your voice
Calling me
Love from a pure soul like yours is gone
I'm drowning in my tears
This eclipse cast a void
Obscured within my thoughts
Wishing for another draw of breath.


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