Ravenous lyrics

Rating: 1.98
Song Details
Artist(s)Defense My Victims
Album(s)Cry For The Agony

More than towards
I wanted to live still one thousand yours
While screaming fire burns the leaves of heaven
All the leaves confine of betrayed
The shadows took them and carried away
My damned thoughts flying to the hunter sky
Turned to the sacred weapons
Bleed and carried it away
Through the darkness in my heart
So the world shall fear me

Like the silence in my heart
And the peace shall tear me
When curiosity and suffer tragically
Traveled through eternity
As a crystalline specter in the darkness
And a cowards brand angel in the mark
She stretched her sword watcher
Adrift in swollen my rise and fall

The flowing tears were the wounds
To the reason for the strange red glowing light
A land worship by stone swords
Contemplating things that can't be changed
Vacancy in this dispute
Corrupted all the bitter things
Her markings masquerade their shame

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