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Affiance, meaning to betroth in trust and confidence, is a 5 piece metalcore band from Cleveland, Ohio. They formed around 2008. Their lyrics touch on deep political and religious themes and the band wrapped up a full US tour with their friends in Across The Sun and No Bragging Rights and gained tons of new fans in the process. Most importantly, scoring a record deal with Bullet Tooth. They released their debut album, No Secret Revealed, on December 2, 2010.

Countdown to midnight
Mindless machines gave the order
To murder the innocent
Wake up, the dream is over
And now it's up to me

All of my life
I have raced against the clock
But now I feel time staring back at me
This is greater than who I am
The event that will change the course of history

Tick tock

Countdown to midnight
One millions lives at stake
The encasement is a shrine
And the wires intertwine
To worship destruction
And the death of every line

Written by heroes
To save us from the day
We lose all our faith
And the world is set on fire
Burns so bright
It's seen across the world

The clock strikes twelve
To all our fears
Sound the alarm
Because I failed
To deliver us
From hell on earth
There is no escape
So make your peace
I tried my best
To stop this
Their plan in place
Their heinous crime
A shot that's heard
Around the world
Let it be known
This is murder

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