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Apocalypse lyrics

Rating: 4.50
Song Details
Artist(s)Mohammad Escrow
Album(s)Escrow Season

Featuring Joey Burnz, Chepnko and Dystrakted

Cuts - Dystrakted

Joey Burnz:

This a'int the best of…
Guess what? It's the rest of
Anything I ever did before
Started out emceeing to Liquid Swords
Now I'm bringing empties in liquor store
Cuz I just need a little more
To get back in the ring like Micky Rorke
Hit record on the mixing board
Put the mic in the figure four
I'm the king - hear me roar
This a'int a Drake song, No hook from Akon or Trey Songs
If I needed one I'd bring back Nate Dogg
Haters keep fuelling my fire like napalm
I've been raps since crayons
Fucking with white bitches looking like Kreyshawn
I don't give an eff if you is a chef like Raekwon
Or if you in the club cooking like Basegod

Cuts - Dystrakted

Mohammad Escrow:

Hold the fort, I just hold the fort
Mic cord wrapped around my hand bandaged like an open sore
Is this what I lost my focus for?
Watch the floor for trap doors, hate to conform like an Obusforme
Negative rage can affect you in negative ways, so I sit with a pen and a page
And watch the sentences grace the paper
No chains, I'm unbound like a broken stapler
Left town, re-located to reincarnate the flavour
Now I'm back at and so committed , linguist gymnast here to hone the wisdom
Catch me in the mezzanine, dipped no mescaline, verbal promethazine,
Can crushed to set my schemes
Guap tent, back pocket denim jeans, 5 label, got my star striped, no star spangle
Banner, now hear my banter,
I'm chillin in in Atlanta, like a bad mama jama….ow!

Cuts - Dystrakted


We are the chosen few, in rolling thru, we close the room, explode the booth, I know truth, you can bet I can do what I'm supposed to do
When I get up on a track like this, You Can't See Me - illusionist
I used to spit some useless shit, now I'm spraying like ruger clips
Unlimited ammunition this isn't sticks and stones, the wickedness, having you listen to this
This is a vicious flow.
Gimme the loot, or gimme your honey like Winnie The Pooh, 92' to Infinity dude you better get down with the Trinity Crew
It's the 2012 Apocalypse, I walk around in moccasins, you block it i'm pass it on some Stockton shit, passionate when I'm rocking it like a lack of oxgen often is the reason why I'm opposite to that H A M Waka Shit
Come May how, May how, Say ow, press up like Ai Ah, In the day I, take my rhythm to another level so may I
Bless the mic for a second and let me polish it, I take the pen and demolish it, that's hollow tip politics.

Cuts - Dystrakted

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