The Devil In Mexico lyrics

Rating: 3.59
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Artist(s)Murder By Death
Album(s)Who Will Survive And What Will Be Left Of Them?

Well I'll take two shots said the devil to the man and layed a little book on the bar well lord knows the devil he only talks shit and only drinks whiskey from the jar and his hands were raw and his eyes were cold and his breath was pure alcohol and the sound of his voice it never got old and he talked and talked and talked through the night kept sippin his shine till the mornin light tumbled in through the shades and as he started to go i put three bullets in his back.

well the devils bleedin crude oil from a hole in his chest and its panging on the bedpan drippin through the bedsheets and all the businessmen are putting pails beneath his wounds and pawin the oil at the market well his heart ain't made of nothin but piss and vinegar and his boots have trampled more than you would know and his breath has split open the thermometer on the sill its so fucking cold in here since you brought in the snow black heart leaking oil in the pan, dealin' insults with his free hand in this hospital bed bleedin' Black heart you shot the plan to
hell and the apathy ate you up inside Like slivers of lead inside your food
he's the poison inside you and you eat until you're full and you eat until
youre full he lit the fires inside your belly full of medicine and whiskey
the aspirin, valium, codiene pills and silver rum someone say a hail mary for this house bless the corners and burn the devil out.

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