Digging Up the Bones lyrics

Rating: 3.05
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Album(s)The Clandestine Experiment

Lyrics by Cindergarden (Jaymie Valentine)

You showed me a blackness
Held me in the vastness
Of everything underneath the surface of a
Clean white existence lost in your resistance
And I changed a mutation rearranged inside

You know I don't need this
Buried all your secrets
We were lost now we're something to hide away
This doom is upon us
Fickle in my fondness since i've changed
And the one has come to take what's yours away
I cast the hoodoo
I only want to hurt you can you feel Everything
Did I get under your skin or should I dig Even deeper
This path's a little steeper will this matter Any way you die

Flesh wounded gateway
A place where we can both prey and you go to The cellar
You should just leave it alone you know
The spiders surround this crawling through Our vortex
And you stay cause you know we have found a Secret home

You don't know where you come from
Momentum just let go
Rubber band into existence your soul
Just like me petty prizes for a price
To swallow all the conflict
Since it' s all in your mind

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