Something To Kill For lyrics

Rating: 3.05
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Album(s)The Clandestine Experiment

Lyrics by Cindergarden (Jaymie Valentine)

Stand before you with no heart
These scars hold all the meaning and become a boundless way with you
Heaven knows I'd help you drag a body through the mud hell two or three
You are my sacred blasphemy
And I'd do anything I could
I'd even take away the breath for good
In the dying of the light
Love crawls up inside
And the flesh is a torn and pretty sight
I'm lost like a secret that forgot where it was keeping
Still receiving whispers of night
Destiny demonstrate
Nothing lives beyond it's fate
Destroyed in the final hour
And I know you need more
So I step aside let life come between us
I dig into the dirt
I had never known something to kill for

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