Sirens lyrics

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Album(s)Maths + English

Blud, when you hear the sirens coming
I can hear the sirens coming
Better run when you hear the sirens coming
I can hear the sirens coming

[Verse 1:]
1 to da 2 to da 3 to da 4
Line my street, knocking at my door
12 black boots on my bedroom floor
What they want with rascal I'm not sure
Took me to the station 8:30
For a fight that I had recently
Say they got me on CCTV
And the black boys told on me
Can't understand why these boys keep snitching
Can't understand why these boys keep bitching
Now I'm hot tempered feel like switching
Can't stand still trigger finger itching
Gotta stay calm, gotta keep my cool
If I go down I'll be a dam fool
Gotta rise up, gotta stand up tall
Can't let em see the end of Dizzee Rascal

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Yo, let's take it back to that old school story telling shit
Get me!
One day I was with my bredwin 'A dot' roaming the streets
On the main road hungry looking for something to eat
Not no burger and no chips that's easily digested
That shit that if your caught, u'll be easing arrested
We was on the robin street I forgot to mention Kate
There was this Breda rolling with us he was scared it was blait,
And he was high
But, back to the story 'A dot' spotted the man
Straight ahead of us in the distance with his wifey holding hands
So we followed him through this little alleyway into the flats
and we thought the time was perfect so we crept up and we attacked
I took the first swing unexpected causing panic
We was ruthless causing agony in public it was tragic
Me and 'A dot' lost the plot, acting like we were from hell
Beat this Breda to the floor beat his wifey up as well
Clayton stood back shaking, wishing that he never came
When from out of nowhere there was Alisha screaming my name
She went my school
She saw it all

To make it worse I'm hearing sirens, I ain't even trying handle

[Chorus x2]

I can hear the sirens coming [x2]

I break the law; I will never change [x3]
Step into my soul get your whole face rearranged

[Verse 3:]
See me on the tele but I ain't no actor
Running through the streets brave face it's a jack one
Real day light no shame like a lunatic
Rain, hell, sleet or snow I ain't new to it
Show me what you got betta give it up quickly
Lay them on their back if they try and fight swiftly
Better mind out when they come through the manner man
Keep em on their toes like hammer man
It's no joke man woman and child I'm seeking
See no skets no age im creeping
Anything through the door cold on the wheelers
Duck from the feds and I roll with the Dealers
Smile with your heart and stand on a sentance,
My last day wasn't like Eastenders
Step into my soul get your whole face rearranged
I break the law I will never change

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