Счупи прозореца lyrics

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Album(s)6 е по-добре

I'm living in a small house
Nature is my life
I'm counting all those long hours
Waiting for you now
Flowers on the table
Angels on my mind
Do you feel the same?
Are you gonna fly with me, baby?

Chorus: (x2)
Break the window
late in the evening
I will wait for you in the dark
Forget about your fears, babe.

I'm driving my car to the next bar
I watch the night
You're always on my mind
Oh sugar you're my pretty
You're my butterfly
Maybe you will come again
To play this game
Come on!
Break the window
Late in the evening the feeling's great
Together we'll be happy!


Never play your games when you walk beside me
I catch with another man and you are going
I will make you grow up
With love inside yourself
Are you gonna fly with me, baby?

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