Breathe lyrics

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Artist(s)Jill Scott
Album(s)The Real Thing: Words And Sounds Vol. 3

(Ahh... he he he he hey... just breathe (ha),
just breathe (ee hee hee hee hee),just
breathe (hee hee hee hee),just breathe
[breathing sounds] (breath),just breathe
(breathe),just breathe (breathe),just breathe
(breathe),just breathe (hey hey hey hey hey),
just breathe,just breathe,just breathe
(oh baby),just breathe (oooooooh),just breathe,
just breathee,just breathe)

I am not a regular microphone controller
I was in the womb with this,now I'm seconds
Hey hey hey hey
You busy comparin'me,like I need
How you gonna f**k with this,can't live in the
air I'm in
Hey hey hey hey

People,can you feel me now? Know feelin
gotch yow
I am just a messenger bringin ya somethin
very fertile
Hey hey hey hey
Yo! I am your president,yup and your future
The epitome of womanhood,just the one
to suit cha
Hey hey hey hey
I came to the stage with the doom doom
Motivated by the light,sight,and the
Think about it all the time,so it's comin'
Got a couple master teachers say I reach I
reached the half of me
So I be workin'on me happily cuz there's
a mission
And the planet is positioned,hopin',and
prayin',and wishin'(wishin',wishin',wishin',wishin',wishin')
Hey hey hey hey
Take a long walk Sip some lemonade
Take your clothes off
Relax in the shade
Just breeeaaattthhhe...

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