The Silent Wake lyrics

Rating: 3.26
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Album(s)The Chronicles Of Eden

The prophets in my dream came by again
Transmitting me their master-plan
The future seemed to hold

A dream within a dream of agony
Changes my reality
The secrets I've been told

(Silent wake) feel the sign of the times
(Silent wake) speak the downwritten rhymes
Cover my eyes from the force of the glance
(Silent wake) the might of the scrill
(Silent wake) it´s controlling the will
Calling me back from the trance (this strongholding trance)

Yesternight a voice was calling miles away from here
(Miles away from here)
Fading in the silent wake again and again (and again)
Whispering in a tongue so clear in my ear
Of an eternal land (eternal)
Where they could only strand

The prophets came to me in shining light
Their visions of an endless fight
When riot turns to rage

In this intensive sleep i wonder why
The prophecies will verify
In our golden cage

(Silent wake) in this powerful sign
(Silent wake) of a world in decline
Hoping there's someone who's ruling the maze
(Silent wake) the crossroads in here
(Silent wake) is there someone to steer
Someone who's saving the blaze (the kingdom of blaze)



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