The Whisper Of The Ages lyrics

Rating: 3.05
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Album(s)The Chronicles Of Eden

Bonus track to Arcana album

Twilight has fallen
So deep like a hurricane's eye
The empire's predictions
Came falling from the sky

The voices keep calling
They're speaking of fate to be sealed
The riddles and rhymes
Of existence keep concealed

The shrine to behold
And not their hearts unfold
For a lifetime
Faithfully following leaders they adore

And in their sleep their last dreams fade away
The whisper of the ages coming by to stay
To dream those dreams away
Gone by forevermore
Into the never they are leaving
Whispers lead astray
To dream those dreams away

The symbols of power
Are melting the ice we are in
The elegies written in candlelight begin

The dices are rolling
Into a direction unknown
The gods they are fearing
Have come to take the throne

The phoenix will rise
Tearing off his disguise
He is flying
Into the sun of a million dreams away



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