Thin Red Line lyrics

Rating: 3.42
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Album(s)The Chronicles Of Eden

A thin red line, an unknown path
In fields divine with aftermath

The hollow space, those sacred grounds
Are on the chase, so strange their sounds

(Never) Never touching the fate
(Never) Never changing the date
(Never) Never crossing the thin red line
(Never) Never turning the state
(Never) Never passing the gate
(Never)the line of time has to be mine
(To be mine)

Journey on (journey on)
One millenium
With the guidance of one million eyes (fly to feel)
Carry on (carry on)
One millenium
Turn the page to the age of the rise

The thin red line leads into tempt
The seventh sign of what we dreamt



From the point on this dream has come true
From this lucid awake
When the shades will descend
Into eternal fire
Then I'll be with you
With you
With you
I'll be with you, I'll be there
Be there
Be there
And we're crossing this thin red line

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