To Tell You The Truth lyrics

Rating: 2.67
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Artist(s)Gretchen Wilson
Album(s)One Of The Boys

Morning Light comes shinin' in
It don't break and it don't bend
It don't hide behind the blue
I wish I could be that true
Wakin up's the harderst part
How could I have broke your heart
How do I just lie in bed
Knowin' what I haven't said

To tell you the truth would set me free
I'm livin' a lie and it's killin' me
What I really want to do is just talk this thing through
But it'll hurt you to tell you the truth

It all comes up with the mornin sun
It all comes down to the said and done
You know sometimes I pray for rain
I think somehow it hides my pain


Well tomorrow's just another day
That I won't find the words to say
When that old sun comes shinin in
Reminding me again


Morning light comes shinin' in
It don't break and it don't bend.

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