Betterman lyrics

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Artist(s)Musiq Soulchild

[Verse 1:]
I got a real good woman now
Someone between a lover and a friend
It feels good when she's around
Cause she's so far from all the others that I've been with

Cause I thought I knew what love was but it wasn't until she came and changed my life
And now I realize that

All the love in this world, I wanna give to this girl because she makes me wanna be a better man
And all the games I've played are in the pass
Because I know this one's gonna last
It's crazy how she makes me wanna be a better man for her

[Verse 2:]
When I look into her eyes I see
So much in her that reminds me of myself in awe
She's so beautiful body soul and mind and I
Just wanna be the one to make her feel good in a special way

I'm a hu and kiss her and tell her how much I miss her when she's gone
Cause I know that I wll never find another one like her at all

When it's said and done you wanna
Be with someone who's gonna
Be there for you when all your chips are down
and no one's around and when
No matter how hard it gets she will always be by your side
To comfort you like only a woman does and that's why

[Chorus: repeats and fades]

Babe when I'm with you it, makes me wanna be a better man
Every day and night it's true, you make me wanna be a better man
Hangin out with you just makes me wanna be a better man and,
Laying up with you really makes me wanna be a better man

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