I Don't Get Down Like That lyrics

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I know the story and I've read the book
I knew the game with just one look
What your all about
There could be no doubt
You know I got someone it's plain to see
But even still you try to talk to me
Like ya didn't know, boy it's time to go

I told you the scenario
I made it crystal clear
I spelled it from A to Z
But which part of no don't you hear

I told you I'm already taken'
And that's a move I won't be makin'
I made a vow I'm never breakin'
It's a matter of fact, that I don't get down like that
Ya know I've got a one and only
you don't really even know me
But everyday you try to phone me
And I never call back cuz I don't get down like that

At the movie with my girls and me
You made a move thought I didn't see
Then you looked surprise-Don't you even try
You tried to call and ya paged me too
I think I'm getting kinda tired of you
And the same ol' line-do ya think I'm blind
You don't know what I'm all about
But boy you best believe
I don't play and I never stray
Cause' it's not my way to deceive


You say it'll be alright
It's just between me and you
But creepin' 'round on the low-low
Is one thing I'll never do-am I getting through

Don't wanna play all the games you play
You make me laugh with the things you say
Don't waste your time you should walk away
Save it for another fool
Another day

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