On Sacred Ground lyrics

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The Chronicles Of Eden

Europe bonus track

Downstream the river
The boat is moving on
Passing fields of silence
Long time gone
A paragon of beauty
A sacred, holy ground
Gazing at in wonder
Safe and sound

Eternal bliss is reaching in
The valleys of the soul
The spirits of your fondest dreams are here
The purple patch of memories
In ruby letters carved
The archway of forgotten worlds appear

The wind dies down in this eve
In a wide land outward bound
Cast the anchor, roam a while on sacred ground
Flow on time forever
As if there was no yesterday
Roam on sacred ground right on your way

This land blooms forever
In amenity
The flare path of existence

The chalice of the purest wine
The cryptic colonnade
The spirits gone to glory know the rhymes
Prevail them from oblivion
They're relics of the past
In a waking dream of former times


I can see the light
In the priming of a day
I can see the dawn
From the crest to golden bay

I am all ablaze
I was once lost now I'm found
I'm not lonely here
Roam a while on sacred ground
I have seen the light
I was once lost now I'm found
I have seen the dawn
Roam a while on sacred ground

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