And The Road Goes On lyrics

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Here, I can hear a pin drop, silence is my friend
Have not found a helping hand
And I, I can paint in gloomy colors that will stain
But will one of them remain

We are searching for the answers
Always take a bearing on
We're dancing 'round the golden calf until the crack of dawn

The limelights fade away
On this revolting stage of our dreams
We're just about to leave the scene
Though we're still in between
On the chessboard square of life, the pawn
So tell me where the road goes on

I, I'll be waiting for a long decisive turn
When remoteness makes me yearn
And I, I'm clutching at a straw, I'm left out in the cold
Ain't there no one to uphold


It's my tinge of blue
It's my superstition that blocks my machine
A slip of the memory is less what we feel
With senses so keen
It's striking my eye
It is the balancing-pole in my hand
Have trust in the thin rope that's under your feet
And you'll understand

When pushed to the wall
I will stand firm and follow my way
Cause I'm pressed for time and I keep an eye on
Before I will stay
Shrouded in darkness
My heart is tired I'm racking my brain
And with the crack of a whip I break out
And break the chain

Now, pull all the stops you can
Hold on to your master plan
This peal of thunder will roar
Find all the answers wherefore
One pious wish under the moon
Only a fair wind to heave the balloon
When all seems in vain and bygone
Then the road goes on

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