Babymother lyrics

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Artist(s)Musiq Soulchild

Yo Zac, I got something to tell you
Iight was sup? I'm late
You late, yeah, well what you mean, I mean what you late for
Work or something?
No, im late
Iight, you late, or you late late
I'm late late
Yeah, word

Laying here just contemplating how
Life would be if I settle down with you
Cause the thing
I fear is going on with us right now
And the crazy thing is I don't really know how to feel about it


What went on with you and I
Was only planned for just a night
But it seems like something much more is made of it
(and oh girl) so whatever you decide is just whatever you decide
And im a have to be straight and just move with it

Now listen here baby
I don't mean to scare you but I
See im not really ready for a child
In my life right now
And lets keep it real girl
You don't really know and I
I've only known you for a little while
So I guess we got a lot of things to figure out

I'm having mixed feelings bout it cause
The idea of it sounds kinda nice but
We both gotta be clear about what it was
Cause we cant say that it happened out of love
Now I know you really want to keep it baby
So I support you and im always gonna be there babe
For our baby to make sure that he or
She doesn't grow up and make the same mistake


Listen you know people are you know they gonna talk shit
So be prepared cause we doing this regardless
Of what my mother say or what your father say
We just gotta make sure we on the same page
Cause this is ours it involves nobody else
don't get me wrong we always use a little help
But honestly all we got is each other
And the fact is im the father and you're the mother
Of this kid


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