Buddy lyrics

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Artist(s)Musiq Soulchild

[Verse 1:]
Pardon darling ..if I alarmed you
I don't mean to bother you I just wanna
Get you to pause and slow your walk so
Maybe we can talk and I can try to charm you
Just tryna find out who you are
I don't mean to come off like a telemarketer
I ain't no hood no crook no robber I
Just wanna pardon your heart I could bother

(sometimes) and maybe I could call you up (sometimes)
And maybe I can take you out (sometimes)
So let's exchange digits and later arrange visits
Either your place or mine (yeah)
This a different type of commitment (yeah)
I'm talking 'bout a true friendship (yeah)
Someone I can depend on
To be down no matter what
Let me know if you with it 'cause girl

It would be fly if you were b-u-d-d-y
Don't be shy, give it a try I could be yours and you could be mine
I can't lie it would be fly if you were my b-u-d-d-y
Don't be shy give it a try I could be yours if you could be mine

Sorry if I come off disrespectful
But my convo is a little bit 2 sexual
But damn it's incredible be a more flexible
'cause the context some text is a lil special
But, but, wait, wait, let me explain a buddy is a equal beneficial arrangement
A buddy is a buddy that don't be complaining
With his or her buddy buddy ain't the buddy the came with



Ooh ooh oh baby what I'm really tryna say is (that)
The definition of a real buddy is... (that)
She's that one that you can have fun
And ride shotgun through the city with me
Together there's no limit to what we can do
And once we in it girl it's all about me and you
So baby what you say don't pass this by
'cause if you decide....

[chorus: x2]

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