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Snow White lyrics

Rating: 4.49
Song Details
Artist(s)Boyz II Men
Album(s)Winter / Reflections

Settling along the scenery, beneath the steady fall
The dusk accompanies a loneliness, descending as snow
Tears can drown the embers in this broken heart of mine
Another portrait in my life watching the seasons passing by

Crystallizing every breath I take, even the subtle sighs
The wind carries a solemn melody through uncovered trees
At the red brick station the trains can catch their breath
And I've been patient, waiting for someone who won't come back to me

Tonight the tears will go away, I'll find a way to play this Serenade
How can I break this song away from my emotions
The snow is falling from the sky and turn to White Love

By the time the bells are swinging in their rhythmic symphony
Imagining a dreamy hinterland is where I will be
Angels all around, floating slowly from the sky
And bring a look of tenderness only the spring can show me how

So I'll be holding on strong and keep from going on to Loneliness
The glistening angels in the sky are waiting for me
And I will wish upon a star and carry in my heart for Foreverness
These tears eventually will frost and turn to White Love


This endless white love
My love

I just want to hold you
Can't be without you
I'm calling out your name
In my heart

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