All The Master's Children (A Pilgrim At The Gate Of Sin) lyrics

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Album(s)The Book Of The Heretic

Gazing into the Transylvanian mist
Lifted before me were the veils of time
An ancient force of darkness guided my soul
Whispering a cold, mysterious rhyme
Thus I caught a glimpse of a long forgotten past
Reflected in the silver circle way up high
I froze in the fog struck by these horrors
Unaware if I would live or die

Through rites by mortals long forgotten
One with darkness in wind and rain
Engulfed by echoes of a distant past
That stilled my loneliness and pain

Ancient castles, demons and witches
Lost in the fog between joy and fear
Twisted roads and invisible tombstones
The smell of purest evil so near

Then a black coach drawn by black horses
Appeared through the fog without a sound
The horses unlike any earthly beings
The coach surely for Hell was bound

Filled with fog, the night dark and cold
On through the red mist His children fly
Those whose souls have long been sold
Have heard His call, His ancient cry
A silver circle 'midst the blackened sky
The full moon to guide their paths
Witches and wolves, warlocks all fly
All of His creatures of wrath

All the Master's children... we are lechery
All the Master's children... we are gluttony
All the Master's children... we are usury
All the Master's children... we are avarice
All the Master's children... we are sloth
All the Master's children... we are anger
All the Master's children... we are pride
All the Master's children

I was shown the splendour of Satan
Made love to the Countess in eternal lust
The wisdom of ages dawned on my mind
The cross must be turned to ashes to dust

I saw a sword covering three wolf teeth
On a blood red crest like an abysmal gate
Shadows from the depths strengthened my soul
To wield the powers of darkness and hate

Dawn approached the Carpathian mountains
My soul returned from the astral plane
To ride again the four winds of the earth
To blaspheme and conquer in the Master's name

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