Forgotten lyrics

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Album(s)The Book Of The Heretic

My grave feels cold
But the flame of hate
Still burns inside
I cannot pass the Gate

Trapped in this void
The gods set me free
To avenge the forgotten
To avenge them and me

Invincible sword by Hephæstus forged placed in my hands
On the eight-legged steed of Woden himself I will roam the lands
Return from the depths to fight the world, I will spare none
Those who denied me, lied and deceived soon will be gone

I was forgotten
Now feel my wrath
Blood of my enemies
Drenches my path

Pools of blood will shower from my blade, steel doth prevail
Slay their servants take their daughters and wives, like a fierce gale
Cowards and traitors meet their just fate, fall by my sword
My holy quest leaves me to rule, undead overlord


I'll wipe out the traces left in my world by the crucified fool
I'll light again torches of old when the moon's full
Shrines of my forefathers long since forgotten I will restore
I'll lead my people back again to the ancient lore


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