Only Time Will Tell lyrics

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Artist(s)Project Wyze
Album(s)Misfits, Strangers, Liars, Friends

Only time will tell the truth
I'm living proof of what could happen to a man
When he decides to stand strong
Some of them swim, some of them drown in their sorrows
We're living to die and I'd die to live again tomorrow
But let me tell you about the time I was just a teen
Yas & Bobby you said it was just a dream
My life's a circus I serve no purpose
Now when you hear my name you get nervous
You see it wasn't just a fantasy
'Cause music is my life and I cherish it like family
So now I'm chasing dreams, facing obstacles
Racing against the clock like it was impossible
Somebody's watching over me like a guardian angel
I'm on the outside watching my life untangle
Watching my life climb to new heights
Still waiting for the day I see my name in lights

Tell 'em once tell 'em twice
Only time will tell
Some go up, some go down and some never fell
Win or lose make a move, if you got the guts
So why's everybody always screaming life sucks

[Verse 2]
Only if I knew what made you hopeless
When time stands still I just sit back and focus
I hold a mic on stage, I hold a pen to the page
And then I write like I was trapped in a cage
But wait a minute 'cause it's not the end
I call few people enemies and fewer people friends
And a lot of people like to think they were down from the start
You played your games you broke my heart
You broke my heart into pieces
You showed me who the beast is
Yeah I trust you about as far as my hand reaches
Sticking to me like leaches and holding me tight
I went from deep sleep to sleepless nights
I can't take it, I got to make it my passion
Dedicated to all the ones who were laughing
Take these words home and think it through
'Cause the next song I write might be about you

[Chorus (3X)]

Only time will tell why people try and drag you down
They never make a noise and they never make a sound
Only time will tell if these people really want you
Maybe one day it'll come back to haunt you
Only time will tell what's the price for being famous
Some die with a name, some die nameless
Only time will tell when you make a mistake
Hold on to your life before it's too late

[Chorus (2X)]

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