Slangin' Rocks lyrics

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Artist(s)Project Pat
Album(s)Ghetty Green

(feat. Gangsta Boo)


Slangin rocks, non stop, non stop, on your block
Slangin rocks, non stop, non stop, on your block
Slangin rocks, non stop, non stop, on your block
Slangin rocks, non stop, non stop, on your block
[Repeat 2x]

[Project Pat:]

Day and night, night and day
Nigga gotta get some pay
Standing out, with my rocks, and my glock
Chiefin Hay
Anyway that I can
My nigga you understand
Gotta bring twenty strong
Before I can serve your jaws
Double up, man what's up
Got the pot, rock it up
Mixed it in some B-12's
Now my shit done blown up!
Shake the ball, round the chop
Til the ball get real hard
Cut me down some twenties
Then I'm standin out in the yard
Junkies coming back and forth
One tried to run off with dope
Caught him round the corner
And I shot the maggot in the throat
Don't be playin with my cheese
All I get is 2-0-Z's
One day I'm gone be the fucking man
Out here slangin keys
Until then, I'm the nigga runnin from the undercover
Narcotic boys jumpin fences tryna catch a brother
Happy things is all I hear
But I'm stayin bout my hog
One day I'll be pushin Lex
But today it's Cutlass dog!

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

[Gangsta Boo:]

Slangin rocks all good with me
Downest bitch that would be me
I be on your side like hip-bone
And nigga you will see
That your misses-lady, your baby
Will cover up what you didn't
You saw that dope that I stuffed in my pussy
I ain't bullshittin!
So send me out on a mission
We can take they position
We got that china, canary-yellow
We on all you bitches
So come on down
You're the next contestant on my dope list
I'm tryna put some shoes on Rover that i rode in this bitch
And we bout our paper, we shuttin your block down
We takin full charge
Can't nothin be done, til Project Pat said, "Yo, fuck all of y'all"
I'm from the south
So what you mean, you ain't heard about
All them birds that's flyin south
That's flyin straight into your mama's house
Don't be sayin you got the clout
Cause we all know who really runnin thangs
All you bustas must behave
Cause since we came, it ain't gone be the same
I hope you are feeling that
I'm lovin it
If you liking it
If you wanna get caught up in the realest shit
I'm the one who your ass need to deal wit-WOOHHH!

[Repeat chorus to end]

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