Represent It lyrics

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Artist(s)Project Pat
Album(s)Ghetty Green

(feat. Noreaga, Tear Da Club Up Thugs)

[Project Pat]
Yeah, Hypnotize Minds up in here

[D.J. Paul]
Ya'll know the business

[Project Pat]
Representin to tha fullest
If ya down for what you do, you gotta represent it
If ya in it represent it

[D.J. Paul]
Ya'll boys, ya'll boys aint ready for us
Project Pat, Noreaga, D.J. Paul, Juicy "J"
Hypnotize Minds in here, like this

North Memphis bitch, North Memphis bitch
South Memphis bitch, South Memphis bitch
Westwood bitch, Westwood bitch
Orangemount bitch, Orangemount bitch

[Project Pat 2x]
If ya in it, represent it
If ya in it, represent it
If ya in it, and ya down
If ya wit it, represent it

[Project Pat]
North Memphis, South Memphis, Westwood, Orangemount
Black Haven, East Memphis, West Memphis puttin it down
Down to unknown wit a 9 millimeter clip
Some think they bullet proof, some end up Benedicts
Which one of you fools wanna make them thangs clap
Tear da club up, where my thugs, where dem dollars at
Where dem playas, scream like a fiend for dat ghetty green
Gotta get da cream, get da cheese, dats by any means
If ya real, then throw ya set, let me see ya sign
Project Pat, from the southside, out here on the grind
While the gettin's good, gettin mine, represent the hood
Try to hold me back that one time, but I'm to the good
Wanna see me locked in a cell, throw away the key
Haters want me dead, but you tricks gotta bury me
Drinkin hennessey, full of herb, mentally I'm gone
Ready man to ride for my side if they right or wrong

A.T.L. bitch, A.T.L. bitch
New Orleans bitch, New Orleans bitch
Houston bitch, Houston bitch
Miami bitch, Miami bitch

[Project Pat 2x]
If ya in it, represent it
If ya in it, represent it
If ya in it and ya down
If ya wit it, represent it

Ay yo, I trample those that mess wit hoes
And just wild out and just dirty ya clothes
N.O.R.E., my name don't got two O's
So therefore, we be the ones wit the hoes
Ya bracelet down to ya English toes
What, What!!, we tear da club up at all the shows
Three-6 and Thugged Out, nigga watch for dem bow's
Where dem dollars at kid, yo I read and I closed
Me and Project Pat fuck wit our hands in our clothes
Yo it's all good
Niggas growin up in the hood
And we do the same things cause we smoke on wood
Yo, you my wodie ha huh, I'm your wodie ha huh
Yo fuck wit us we leave a nigga fuckin holy ha
And I'm battin crews down to Baton Rouge
And I got a Hummer sittin on 32s
Got a Hummer sittin on 32s

Black Haven bitch, Black Haven bitch
Mitchell Heights bitch, Mitchell Heights bitch
East Memphis bitch, East Memphis bitch
Evergreen bitch, Evergreen bitch

[Project Pat 2x]
If ya in it, represent it
If ya in it, represent it
If ya in it, and ya down
If ya wit it, represent it

[D.J. Paul]
What, what, what the fuck
Got niggas blastin wit a tec, got a Lex truck
Better duck, we holla B.A.Z., haters get stuck
In the back, in the face
Wrong time, wrong place
Niggas itchin for killins, and killins gonna take place
Gettin a mask, don't ask
Is it a task, and it'll blast mo'
Fuckin wit Paul, you wasn't bout to make a move ho
Who got front Who got back
Who got bombs Who got gats
Who gon' rat Who gon' skat
Talkin bout where them rats at

[Juicy "J"]
All you G's throw a [blanked] if you know the sign
And if you peoples from your hood nigga throw yo [blanked]
All you ballers ride twenty's, that's the way to shine
To all them hustlers drinkin 4-5 on the grind
We gon' keep shakin dice 'til it aint no time
And get high off them Optimo and white line
All yo boys come from , watch me fall out blind
And if you gone and you know it, fool press rewind

Queen's Bridge bitch, Queen's Bridge bitch
Chi-town bitch, Chi-town bitch
St. Louis bitch, St. Louis bitch
Little Rock bitch, Little Rock bitch
Fort Worth bitch, Fort Worth bitch
Nashville bitch, Nashville bitch
Birmingham bitch, Birmingaham bitch
Jack-town bitch, Jack-town bitch
Loui$ville bitch, Loui$ville bitch

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