Bitch Smackin Killa lyrics

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Artist(s)Project Pat
Album(s)Murderers & Robbers

[(Chorus) 3x]
Pistol packin, never slackin, bitch killa
Pistol packin, never slackin, bitch smackin killa

As I slip into the back of my mind
and thinkin of gettin caught man how could I do the time
The crime is a murder heard you fuckin with my nig
The magnum's gonna serve ya, bitch I'm fixin to split your wig
I'm thinkin out ways to get lose without a trace
You see without a pistol man they do not have a case
Erasin a fool wait until he leaves the house
Walkin around his corner ride by and takin him out
the box on the blocks police ride up on the scene
witnesses saw the shots and I know they heard her scream
Redeem me the testimonies would not even last
In court because everybody they saw wore a mask
The blast from the gun was the hollow point tips
the kind that leave you dead in a damn perfect hit
I trips off a fool tryin me on the for realla
He's fuckin with a pistol packin, bitch smackin killa

[Chorus 4x]

As I ride through the hood with some undisputed niggas
Pain sellin, dope smokin, cold-blooded killers
Trigga, my nigga from the north Frayser area
Down with the Patster causin mass hysteria
Well ever stoked out best we leave with no doubt
Ridin through the other side ready to take a punk out
Assed out sucker types you gonna learn your lesson
Let me see your gangsta friends shootin Smith and Wessons
Testin the clan just to see if you can get enough
You's a foolish man I'll be damned if we don't fuck you up
So whassup with your posse with your fuckin game punk
Fuckin with these hitmen you gonna get your ass dumped
Pop the trunk, get your pump, let's see what you made of
Watch me kill a bitch with a .38 bullet slug
Sell your drugs I don't care if you a dope dealer
Best pack a pistol bitch cause I'm a killer

[Chorus 2x]

You say I need to take care of my business
well why are you pussy-eatin motherfuckers in it
You about to witness a mafia called Triple 6
Real niggas that don't fall all over bullshit
I'm tired of these motherfuckers lickin and my Joesta
Let me ride up on ya with the tec and Imma show ya
You don't know me well punk bitch nigga bring it on
Niggas dont fight no more junk niggas carry tones
I tried to be done at first now I'm just another devil
walkin with a psychotic mind and a piece of metal

[Chorus 4x]

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